Want to make your neighborhood a better place?  Get involved in one of the following committees. For more information about joining a neighborhood committee, contact us.

Arbor Committee         

  • Spring / Fall island trimming, pruning and planting
  • Manage island watering contact & scheduling
  • Procure spring plants/bulbs & materials
  • Coordinate recruitment and organization of Spring & Fall island treatment crews
  • Tree Replanting Program (including subsidized tree distribution)
  • Arborist vendor / management (including planting/trimming, tree recommendation communications to neighbors)
  • Provide committee updates and future plans to neighborhood board


Safety Committee

  • Lead Neighborhood Watch Program (including establishing street level vigilance teams)
  • Address Traffic / Speeding / Parking Issues (engage local government parameters, etc.)
  • Address any and all neighborhood safety concerns
  • Serve as primary contact to the local police department, and communicate any neighborhood crime and safety issues of concern to the police
  • Alert the neighborhood governors of any criminal or suspicious activity
  • Provide committee updates and future plans to neighborhood board


Finance Committee

  • Treasurer reporting
  • Budget management
  • Granting writing
  • Management of annual dues collection and reporting
  • Manage fundraising projects and identification of new fundraising opportunities
  • Expense management – oversight of expenses to ensure positive budget ledger
  • Allocation of funds to appropriate projects (per board approval)
  • Provide committee updates and future plans to neighborhood board


Annual Yard Sale & Picnic

  • Determine date of yard sale and annual picnic
  • Coordinate and procure advertisements for annual yard sale in appropriate publications
  • Post yard sale signs & annual picnic signs
  • Collect yard sale fees
  • Determine and procure entertainment
  • Order tables, chairs (including decorations / table cloths)
  • Procure food, drinks, and utensils
  • Organize and run Bingo event (tickets, boards, etc.)
  • Coordinate BBQ grillers
  • Coordinate set-up and clean-up crew


Political Committee

  • Participate with other neighborhood committee events and meetings
  • Attend local political meetings and/or other impacting neighborhood committee meetings that could affect the Riedlonn Neighborhood’s interests

o      i.e. Brownsboro Sidewalk & Traffic recommendations

o       i.e. Firehouse reduction issue

  • Maintain communications with local political representatives to keep abreast of issues impacting the Riedlonn Neighborhood, and be an active voice within the local political arena
  • Be an active advocate of local issues that may impact residents of Riedlonn Neighborhood (i.e.  keep abreast of newspaper articles, political connections, hearsay, local news, etc.)


Special Events Committee

  • Coordinate 4thof July Parade and Social

o       Procure snow cone machine and materials

o       Coordinate fire truck and parade of custom cars

o       Distribute ribbons for best decorated (bike / wagon , etc) – potential new event

  • Coordinate Annual Fall Chili Cook-off competition (potential fundraising event)
  • Coordinate Annual Corn-Hole & Horse Shoe Competition event (potential fundraising & or neighborhood gathering event)


Communications Committee

  • Coordinate quarterly newsletter

o       Collect content from neighbors and governors for quarterly newsletter

o       Produce quarterly newsletter

o       Distribute newsletter output to each of the respective governors for distribution to neighborhood residents

  • Coordinate / Lead Neighborhood Website

o       Assist with the development and maintenance of the neighborhood website

o       Attend metro assisted classes to develop / maintain on-line website portals

o       Coordinate keeping neighborhood website up-to-date with current and prevalent information / content – John Arnett

  • Communicate Junk Pick-up Dates (as listed in the Courier Journal)
  • Directory Publication – David White

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